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Teach your children well….

The Eldorado Mountain Yoga Ashram holds a kid’s summer camp each year where kids learn about yoga arts and nature in a beautiful setting at the mouth of Eldorado Canyon.  This year, I offered to do some sessions to teach … Continue reading

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Who was at WAS?

The Western Apicultural Society (WAS) held its annual conference in Boulder this year (Oct 1-3) and even though I had hernia surgery 3 days before it started, I just had to attend! (plus, I’d already paid for the conference).  I … Continue reading

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The Beekeeper’s Apprentice

We are blessed with a wonderful young family for neighbors.  Now that our kids are (mostly) out of the house and on to other interests, I’ve been using the neighbor kids as  surrogates to practice my grandparenting skills (although I … Continue reading

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College tour bees

Last week, my youngest son and I went out to Oregon and Washington to look at colleges.  Patrick is going to be a high school senior (or rising senior as they all say now), so he’s been making a list … Continue reading

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Ten Rules for Modern Beekeeping from Kim Flottum

A few weeks ago, the Colorado State Beekeepers Association (CSBA) hosted Kim Flottum for a couple of talks to area beekeepers.  Kim is the editor of Bee Culture Magazine and author of several books on beekeeping, notably The Backyard Beekeeper, … Continue reading

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