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Thanksgiving Gratitude

Today, Facebook reminded me that I published a post on gratitude on this blog 2 years ago.  At that time, I was in the throes of my prostate cancer treatment and just starting to learn more about meditation.  It had … Continue reading

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Meditation and Gratitude

This is not a post about bees (but I might mention them in the course of things). Meditation After I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, my urological oncologist suggested I use meditation as part of my therapy.  Meditation has been … Continue reading

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Wintertime Musings

Seems like all my beekeeping blogging buddies are posting for the new year, so I guess I’ll have to follow suit.  I’m really feeling that we’ve turned the corner after the winter solstice and am excited for another new year … Continue reading

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Christmas Bees

I’m always amazed by people who have artistic talent – musicians, painters, potters, etc.  I have zero aptitude for that – I’m too left brained.  Sometimes I can crank out some artistic code that makes me go – “Wow!”, but … Continue reading

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A weekend of gratitude

As Thanksgiving approaches, I thought I’d write a post about gratitude.  This was a weekend full of gratitude for Diana and me. We spent Saturday at an all-day meditation intensive at Eldorado Yoga Ashram.  This was my first intensive, so … Continue reading

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