Breakfast of champions - eggs, bacon, cappucino and honey on toast

Harvest Time

Since BnB2 was completely full last time I checked, I needed to pull out a couple of bars of capped honey to make some room.  The nice thing about top bar hives is that you can open up the back, steal a few bars and close it all back up Read more…


The Heat Is On!

One of the downsides to top bar hives is that new comb is very fragile since it’s only attached to the top bar.  In a Langstroth frame, the comb is attached to the foundation that provides stability, or if you are not using foundation, it gets supported on the 4 Read more…


Honey Flow is On!

We’ve been having a lot of hot weather the past 2 weeks (hit 102ºF on June 21st), which has made hive inspections problematic.  When it’s really warm, new comb can easily collapse, especially if it’s loaded with nectar or honey.  A collapsed comb full of nectar is a sticky mess Read more…

Everybody's in on the honey harvest fun

Family Honey Harvest

My brother and his kids were visiting from Rhode Island last week.  They have not had any experience around bees, so I figured I’d give them a whole hearted introduction by harvesting some honey while they were here.  My niece was particularly uncomfortable by the idea of bees buzzing about.  Read more…


Slovenian Bee Geeking

When my wife and I got married, I was finishing up graduate school and our “honeymoon” consisted of driving a car and a pickup truck pulling a U-Haul trailer from Montana to Vermont in 3 days.  So, after 25 years, it was time to take a real vacation and the Read more…


Mid-summer update

We had dinner with some friends last night who live in Singapore now, but are back in town for a few weeks.  They were asking how the bees were and that they follow my blog from Singapore.  I thought wow, that’s so cool that someone on another continent follows what Read more…