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A Gardening Sankalpa

In yoga philosophy, a sankalpa is a term that refers to a heartfelt desire, a solemn vow, an intention, or a resolve to do something.  It could be something like repeating a several malas of a mantra each day, performing … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Gratitude

Today, Facebook reminded me that I published a post on gratitude on this blog 2 years ago.  At that time, I was in the throes of my prostate cancer treatment and just starting to learn more about meditation.  It had … Continue reading

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A man’s got to know his limitations

Happy Easter!  I’m categorizing this post under the spirituality portion of the blog, not the bee part, but maybe it’ll bring a smile to your face. One of my favorite things about Easter is getting to eat deviled eggs.  My … Continue reading

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