Honey Harvest Time

Hard to believe that another beekeeping season is almost over.  This has been a rebuilding year for me.  After losing 3 out of 6 colonies, I was hoping to catch some swarms in addition to making splits with the goal of 10 colonies to manage.  I figure that’s the most Read more…

Cathedral hive - last bar is all honey

Never stop learning!

Whenever I open the Feedly app on my phone, it says, “Never stop learning!”  It keeps me up to date on the latest news from bee blogs that I follow, as well as the day’s political news and cute cat videos. This past weekend I took that phrase to heart Read more…


Busy as a bee

Springtime is always a busy time for a beekeeper.  I’ve been so busy keeping bees and keeping life, that there hasn’t been time for me to collect my thoughts for a post in over a month!  For those who may have been wondering why I’ve been silent (you know who Read more…


Honey Pops

On Saturday, it was time to harvest some honey from Duncan’s hive (aka Hello Kitty).  His sisters and parents joined in the fun – watching, laughing, videoing and getting stung.  What should have been an easy harvest, turned into a bit of a mess because there was a lot of Read more…


Split/Swarm Update

It’s been over a month since my last post which I know has had some of you wondering if I’m still blogging or beekeeping.  There’s a saying in beekeeping – you can either make bees or make honey, meaning that if you spend a lot of your beekeeping efforts raising Read more…


Bee flags

When I was lucky enough to go to Tibet in 2008, I saw some of the most devout people I’ve ever seen. Some will walk across the country doing sun salutations on their hands and knees as they travel along, with blocks on their shins and hands for protection.  All Read more…


Waiting for Spring

Although it’s only mid-February and we still have another month of the official winter, there are signs of Spring emerging here in Colorado.  We still have more cold weather and snow in store, but I’ll take any signs I can get. Last week on one warm day, I got a Read more…

Seabees plaque


When I started keeping bees and put up my bee yard, my plan has been to adorn the fencing with various bee/nature related themed art.  I had Buddha on the ground and the Virgin Mary to keep him company, but the fencing has remained pretty bare. One piece I wanted Read more…

Bee with deformed wing virus - BnB1


The varroa mite (aptly named varroa destructor) is a parasitic mite that attacks honey bees.  It attaches to the bee larva while it’s developing and feeds on the bee’s “blood” (hemolymph).  This weakens the bee and makes it susceptible to infections and diseases.  Originally from Asia, it came to the Read more…