A Season of Increase

It’s been a busy spring for me and finding the time to do a blog post just hasn’t happened,   but here’s an update on my beekeeping adventures this year.  A bit long winded, but I hope you enjoy it. I went into the winter with 6 1/2 hives (1/2 Read more…

Swarm a foot off the ground

No split, swarm!

When I was a kid, I used to tell this nonsensical joke to people: Two ducks are sitting in a bathtub.  One duck says, “Pass the soap.”  The other duck says, “No soap, radio!” I’d laugh and they’d look at me like I was insane.  I still get a kick Read more…


Package/Split updates

On Saturday, I looked in to all the hives to see how the splits and packages were doing.  I pulled out the queen cages earlier in the week from the package hives, but now I needed to see if the queens were alive and laying. Left Hand Hive When I Read more…

Queen cells

Spring Split Update

Ah, springtime in the Rockies.  Crab apple trees in full bloom, deep blue skies, daffodils and tulips popping up everywhere, temperatures in the 70’s and a winter storm watch for the weekend with the potential of 10-18″ of snow here (and 2-4 feet in the foothills). I took advantage of Read more…

Queen was there all along!

Spring Split

My only surviving hive, BnB2, had been building up nicely this spring.  My plan has always been to split BnB2 into the empty BnB1.  At the last inspection, I found a bunch of drone brood (but no queen cells), which meant that the time to split was at hand.  Other Read more…

Bee yard after the blizzard

Blizzard and the Bees

Last week, Diana and I spent a wonderful week in Cancun, Mexico soaking up the warmth and the sun, swimming in a cenote and visiting Mayan ruins.  The day before we got back, a snowstorm dropped 8 inches at home, but by the time we got in to Denver, the Read more…

Newly capped brood in HK

Hello Kitty update

Last week I installed a new queen in the Hello Kitty (HK) hive and noticed that there was what looked to be some new capped brood from the original queen that I thought was dead.  I also moved a couple of brood combs from BnB2 with the slight possibility that Read more…