Comb Honey


Comb honey in a plastic case.  Choose from 8 or 16 ounce boxes.  Actual net weight varies.

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Comb honey is a delightful treat direct from our hives.  Pop a chunk in your mouth for a sweet, delicate taste, put it in your tea, spread it on toast, or drop some in your oatmeal.

Our comb honey is made by the bees from natural sources in Boulder County, CO and hand processed in small batches from our chemical free hive.  Our honey is packaged under the Colorado Cottage Foods Act and is only available for shipping or pickup in Colorado. Availability varies from year to year, depending on the viability of our hives.  It’s generally available in the late summer during the honey harvest.

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8 oz box (4×2"), 16oz box (4×4")