Pomegranate Rosehip Lip Balm


We make this moisturizing lip balm with precious pomegranate seed oil and nourishing rosehip essential oil.

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This super-moisturizing lip balm taps two antioxidant superstars to nourish and protect sensitive lips–pomegranate seed oil and rosehip essential oil. My lifelong obsession with pomegranates began as an elementary school student in California. A house across from my school, a remnant of California’s disappearing orchards, had lush pomegranate trees in its front yard. The lady who lived there sold delicious and nutritious pomegranates to my sisters and me, two for 15 cents. Today they sell for up to $4 each! Later in life, when I discovered pomegranate seed oil as an ointment for skin and hair, I decided to include it as an ingredient in a lip balm. It’s become one of my favorites!–Diana


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