Diana (buddha) and Don (the bees) live in a suburban neighborhood in the Front Range of Colorado, under the shadow of Longs Peak with their 2 cats.

Diana and Don with Longs Peak behind

Diana and Don hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park with Long’s Peak (14,259′ (4,346 m)) behind.

Don has been a longtime gardener and became interested in beekeeping when he was standing under his neighbor’s fully blossomed crab apple tree one Spring in 2006 or 2007 and nary a bee could be heard buzzing.  This was about the time that the first reports of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) were coming to light and the plight of the bees was being exposed.  At that point, he decided that he wanted to help the bees, so he started planting more bee friendly plants in his gardens.  In 2013, he took the plunge into beekeeping – starting with a class through the Boulder County Beekeepers Association (BCBA). He built his first top-bar hive, bought a 3 pound package of bees, and the rest is history.

Diana is a longtime learner of spiritual practices, starting with her Catholic upbringing. In ninth-grade confirmation class, she read James Michener’s The Source, which opened her mind and heart to the goodness in all religions.  In her teens, she started branching out, learning about other traditions, starting with Tai Chi, where she practiced under the guidance of Shoshanna Katzman in the gorgeous rose garden at Mission Santa Cruz.  Most recently, she has focused on yoga and is a licensed yoga instructor, continuing her training at Eldorado Mountain Yoga Ashram in Eldorado Springs, Colorado. She is a member of First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, in Boulder, Colorado, where she has worshipped and loved and helped build a community of the beloved for nearly 20 years. Diana started blogging in 2010 with The Low Three Figures, a commentary about the value of big things like life, love and justice and small things like animals and pop culture.

In this new adventure together, Buddha and the Bees, we hope to provide useful information and commentary on bees, beekeeping, yoga and spirituality. If you’d like to contact us, use the form below. We’d love to hear from you!

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