Nice brood pattern in Sarah's hive

Wacky weather

In my last post, I mentioned that we had a cool and rainy May.  June started out with a bang and we had our first 90+ day on Tuesday.  Yesterday took the cake though, with severe thunderstorms, an hour of continuous lightning and thunder and a nearby tornado. After I Read more…

Bee yard in bloom

Spring Has Sprung

The sun is shining, the grass has riz, oh what a wonderful day it is!  After one of the wettest and dreariest Mays on record, we are finally experiencing some of the famed Colorado sunshine again.  I got 6.4″ of rain for the month of May and we didn’t hit Read more…

Blooming tulips

Lookin’ for queen cells

Spring is the time of year when the thoughts of bees turn to swarming.  Most people think of swarms of bees as something to be feared – images of nasty swarms swooping from the skies, terrorizing women and children.  Oops, sorry, that’s my fear of Congress. Swarming is actually reproduction Read more…


Year end wrap up

After a long and spectacular fall, winter weather finally arrived in full force.  On Monday morning at 9:30 am, it was 68 degrees.  By 1:30 pm, it was 23 degrees.  Temps were sub-zero Wednesday night and we got our first real snow of the season this week.  Going from highs Read more…