When I was lucky enough to go to Tibet in 2008, I saw some of the most devout people I’ve ever seen. Some will walk across the country doing sun salutations on their hands and knees as they travel along, with blocks on their shins and hands for protection.  All this in the face of oppression by the Chinese.  While the people circle clockwise around the temples, the Chinese soldiers go counter-clockwise.

I enjoyed seeing all the prayer flags fluttering in the breezes while I was there.  At every turn, these colorful flags were strung from houses, electric transmission towers, shrines, you name it.  All part of the show of devotion.

Prayer flags at Yamzhog Yumcog

Prayer flags at Yamzhog Yumcog (4974 m/16318 ft)

prayer flags

Prayer flags at shrine below Kharola Glacier (5047 m/16558 ft)

Prayer flags on transmission tower

Prayer flags on transmission tower

I brought back a set for Diana which now hangs in her yoga room.

Prayer flags from Tibet

Prayer flags from Tibet

Last year I found some flag sets that had bees on them.  While they are not technically prayer flags, I bought a set of small flags to hang in our meditation room.  This week, I bought some of the larger flags at Harlequin Gardens and put them in the bee yard.  They are made locally by ARubyMoon, and it turns out that they have not only bee flags, but all kinds of other flags.  I picked up one with bees and another with wildflowers. You can order some through their website.  I think they are very cool and I like to support local artists.

Bee flags

Bee flags

Seabees and flags

Seabees and flags

As I watch them flutter above the hives, it reminds me of my trip to Tibet and I hope they bring good luck to Buddha and the Bees.


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Julie · April 5, 2016 at 12:40 am

You are so well-traveled! Tibet is one of those places on my bucket list. That must have been an amazing trip.

Love your new flags in the bee yard. They positively sing “springtime!” How fun!

tom brown · April 5, 2016 at 3:25 am

hope that you have a better year with the bees

    Don · April 5, 2016 at 4:08 am

    Me too, Tom!

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