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An afternoon with the bees

The Sanskrit word seva is usually translated as “selfless service” – work performed without any thought of reward or repayment. It’s an important part of my practice both at the ashram and in my everyday life.  Every summer, the youth group at my former church goes on a work camp Read more…

Diana's Double Nickels Honey

Mites and Robbers

Sarah’s hive was one of the most productive of my hives this year.  Even though the bees did a lot of cross combing, they made some of the most beautiful and tasty white honey combs. The colony had been booming all summer and there where no obvious (at least to Read more…


August Musings

It’s been a hot, dry summer for the bees, but that hasn’t stopped them from making a good crop of honey.  Normally, first year packages spend their time building comb and enough honey to get them through the winter and a honey harvest is not in the cards.  But mine Read more…


Comb Honey

I took advantage of a change in the weather (30 degrees F cooler than yesterday) to harvest some of the honey out of BnB1.  In past inspections, they had been making brand new white comb in the back and capping some delicious looking honey in it – perfect for taking Read more…