Gardener’s Hand Cream


This cream is the perfect gift for your buddies who garden. Richly emollient and lightly scented with calendula hyrdrosol, a little goes a long way to keep hard-working hands soft and pliable. 



Baobob tree oil is the main ingredient in Gardener’s Hand Cream. We infuse the oil with comfrey root. Baobob oil alone soothes roughened skin, and comfrey is known for super-emollience. Baobob trees are native to South Africa, and they live five hundred years or more. To scent the hand cream, we add calendula hydrosol, a grassy, sweet-smelling byproduct of essential oil distillation. The natural beeswax we add to this cream confers a grainy feel that dissolves on contact with the warmth of your skin.


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