Ruby-Gold Kintsugi Facial Serum


This serum contains the Ayurvedic herb manjishta, known as a complexion brightener, and Spanish saffron, which reduces hyperpigmentation, infused in apricot kernel oil.

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The Ruby-Gold Kintsugi Facial Serum is one of my favorite products to use and to share. Its beautiful ruby gold color comes from deep red manjishta powder and golden saffron. We infuse these precious herbs in rich, organic apricot kernel oil. Smoothe one dropperful over your face and neck, making sure to thoroughly rub it in. In Ayurvedic medicine, manjishta is used to treat many health conditions. In the parlance of Ayurveda, manjishta is also known as a complexion brightener. Saffron is used to flavor and add a beautiful golden tinge to rice dishes across the planet. In the world of skin care, it has shown efficacy in reducing hyperpigmentation, resulting from sun exposure and aging. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing damaged pottery by piecing the fragments together with precious metals. Our skin is exposed to all manner of damaging elements, and this precious serum offers your complexion a ruby gold solution!

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