Spa Day Collection


Give yourself or someone else you love the gift of a pampering in-home facial. The collection includes several rose-based Buddha And The Bees products. 



This Valentine’s Day,  or any other time, pamper someone you love with the Spa Day Collection. This in-home facial includes Buddha And The Bees rose-based products. Gently open and cleanse your pores with the fragrant floral facial steam packet. Gently apply Honey Rose Face Scrub to your face and throat, and rinse off with a soft washcloth and warm water. The set includes a rose mask. The clay is dry and can be mixed with either honey, yogurt, witch hazel or warm water before you apply it to your face and throat. Light your rose candle. Chill out for a half hour with a good book, or place a slice of cucumber over each eye while listening to your favorite soothing music. Rinse off with the washcloth and warm water. Your skin will have a temporary extra rosy glow for up to several hours afterward. Apply the Ruby-Red Kintsugi Facial Serum, massaging it thoroughly into the skin. Finish with a smear of rose lip balm and some Rose Face Cream. 


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